About Us

Maldaner Metal Emprenye San. Tic. Ltd. Şti., has been founded in İzmit as a joint venture in 1987 with German Ing. Hubert Maldaner GmbH. In those years, impregnation was not very well known in our country and the casting pores were beeing filled with outdated methods. We have been a reliable solution partner to the Turkish casting industry, mainly exporting to Europe, by introducing Maldaner Impregnation Systems.

European automotive producers and their suppliers approve impregnation in Turkey only under the condition, that the impregnation takes place at our facilities in Izmit or with our resins under supervision.

Our Vision - Our Mission

We work for the highest levels of productivity and competiveness of casting and metal industry in our country.

For that vision, we offer the most cost effective, sustainable and modern impregnation solutions to the casting and metal industry in out country.